Tips on how to care for your Brooklyn Hair wig

Tips on how to care for your Brooklyn Hair wig

There is nothing more satisfying than keeping that ‘fresh out of the box’ look on your wig or even reviving your old wig and bringing it back to life looking just as good as you did when you first bought it. However, keeping that refreshed look on your Brooklyn Hair wigs will require a few inputs on your part. First and foremost, a 100% human hair wig will typically last for roughly a few months, and will last even longer with proper daily care as well as a healthy hair care regimen.

So down below we have curated a few tips and tricks, in no particular order, on how you can properly maintain and care for your Brooklyn Hair 100 % human hair wigs.
Hair Care Tips for your wig

  • Ensure that you wash your Brooklyn Hair wig at least once per month. Keep in mind though, that if you wear your wig more often than usual, such as on a day to day basis, then your wig should be washed even more frequently than the time frame stated above. Instructions on how to properly wash your Brooklyn Hair Wig can be found here.
  • For daily styling, the use of an oil (such as organ oil) or a serum is recommended. However, keep in mind that this should be done using only a generous amount of the chosen product. Therefore, please refrain from drenching the hair with oil, or else this will leave your wig weighed down and greasy.
  • If you use daily styling products on your wigs, then you should also wash your wig every few weeks. This will ensure that your wig doesn’t have any product build up, and will not get matted or tangled up.
  • Avoid detangling your wig when it is dry and brittle. Instead, this should be done either when washing your wig or when it is reasonably damp. This will help you avoid snagging out large chunks of hair as you untangle the sections that need detangling. 
  • In general, avoid extensive use of hairsprays as well as hair pomades and gels. However, in cases where this cannot be avoided you should ensure that you thoroughly shampoo your wig, and promptly follow up with a deep conditioner after using these products.
  • It is often best to let your wig air dry. However, if this is not possible then a low heat setting should be used whenever a heating tool (such as a blow dryer) is used.
  • Storing your wig should also be done properly. One way of doing this is by storing your wig on a mannequin head, or just simply on something that will keep the wig in an upright position.


The advantage of buying a Brooklyn Hair 100% human hair wig is that you will be able to style and treat it as your very own hair, as well as that it will significantly last longer than wigs that aren’t made with human hair. So, by following the few tips and tricks above you will be able to keep your wig looking brand new for as long as possible.
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