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Smart Shopping on Brooklyn Hair with Big Saving!

by Brooklyn Hair 20 Jan 2020

Smart Shopping on Brooklyn Hair with Big Saving!

1. QuadPay Over $100

Bad and Boujee on a Budget: Save with 4 Interest-Free Payments!

We all have been there when our style says yes but our bank account says no or we are waiting for pay day to come or we just simply do not want to spend our money all at once! Girl we know!  Don’t worry because we have you covered for all cases, we now offer QUADPAY. Quad pay is an interest-free payment plan system which allows to you get your items now by just paying 1 of 4 payments. Quad pay is available for everyone with a purchase over 100 so if you purchase our hair extension or bundle hairs for $100 now, all you would pay now is $25! WE ARE SHOOK as much as you are!

Your remaining 3 payments are spaced so that you have time to get your coins together each time. For our girls on a budget but want to look boujee Quad pay X Brooklyn Hair is your best friend. It has never been easier to look good and budget!

2.   Born in New York City

How 20 years of Hair Experience in NY makes Brooklyn Hair the best choice

Brooklyn Hair prides itself on being a 100% born in New York Company. If you know, you know that New Yorkers and full of style and is a fashion capital. It is no wonder that Brooklyn Hair bundles and wigs are some of the best you can find! All items are designed here in New York with a designer/partner who has over 20 years experience doing wig and hair designs. Bundle hairs and wigs are also ran through quality control by our designer to ensure our quality is guaranteed as we work closely with our manufacturers to present the most luxurious and stylish hair than anyone anywhere would love to rock.

3.   Free 2nd Day Air Fastest Shipping

Why wait a week when we have the Fastest FREE shipping on everything!

Those in favor of waiting a long time for your items to ship say “aye”! I imagine no one said “aye” because we all hate to wait for our items whenever we make a purchase. I don’t know about you but I would love to grab my items right from my phone or laptop screen and have it with me but unfortunately that is not possible… Yet ! However we have the next best thing and that is TWO- DAY FREE AIR SHIPPING. All orders are processed same day and shipped same day. This means that within 2 days your items can be delivered to your door, at absolutely no cost to you!

4.   Free Tax > We take care

We pay the Tax! No extras for you!

Don’t you just hate when you see an item for the exact amount that you have and you get super excited only to see that tax is added after and you’re like woah!  Let’s face it; none of us like to pay more. With Brooklyn Hair, this will never be an issue for you because we take care of that for you. All items are tax-free! I know we make it so easy! We truly want to offer the best customer experience and so we try to get rid of any extras so that our customers can keep their main focus and purchasing the style of their dreams.

5.   Retail Stores – 4 locations

Store locations: Where you can feel the hair for yourself

What’s one thing that you dislike about online ordering? Like many of you I am a skeptic and sometimes you have to be. I know you have seen those posts about people ordering one thing and getting another. (That is never the case with us! The same glamorous styles that you see on our website are the same that you receive, check out our reviews!) If you would like to verify the quality that we offer, you may visit any of our 4 retail locations. We have 2 locations in New York, Queens and Brooklyn. There are also 2 locations in Georgia, Atlanta and the West End Mall in Conyers. Check them out and there you will be able to see all bundles and wigs and feel the smooth silky texture for yourself. 

6.   Wholesale opportunities

Wholesale and Quad-Pay, the perfect pair

If you are seeking a vendor/supplier to provide you with high quality virgin human hair then we also have that for you! On our website, you are given the opportunity to purchase hair in bulk (a minimum of 10 bundles) at an awesome discounted price. The more items that you purchase the bigger the discount that we offer! Do you want to know the icing on the cake? Wholesale orders also have QUADPAY!  Yes so here you are able to budget, receive your hair and transact your own personal business. Brooklyn hair is dedicated to YOU! And we will always be!

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