In-store Services Offered

Looking for the best human hair on the market can sometimes be a very stressful and daunting task, but at our Brooklyn Hair locations we will be there for you every step of the way to help you make the best decision. Our services include:

Free consultation

When you step into a Brooklyn Hair store you can rest assured that you will be in good hands. With a high standard of customer service and an experienced team of people on hand, we will be sure to wisely advise you on finding what will best suit your hair needs.

This free and personalized consultation is available for all of our customers at both our Brooklyn and Queens location. When you come into our stores, no matter your hair needs, our staff will always be willing and ready to provide you with the right information and advice that will help you make the best decision.

Special occasion free gifts and treats.

Here at Brooklyn Hair we care about all of our customers. So whether you are celebrating a birthday or even your upcoming big day (wedding day for a bride-to-be), we want to celebrate with you. With purchases made in store, providing that you show proof of ID as well as adequate information, we will gift you one of our many great products to help keep your hair looking its best on your special day. Products to choose from include our 2 oz silk serum (adds extra shine and moisture to your bundles or wig) and our 2 oz Leave-In conditioner (provides the hair with a glossy shine and a silky feel), among a few other products.

Free Basic Installation

Just when you thought things couldn't get any better, when you come in stores, we now offer free basic installation for all our customers who purchase a wig from our Brooklyn and Queens store locations. Yes, FREE! What exactly is a basic free installation you may ask. Our free basic installation includes: the cutting of the lace on your newly purchased wig and the fitting of your new wig. This is usually done within a 30 minute slot and no appointment is needed. With on-hand expert hairstylists at each location, if additional services such as gluing and styling are requested, an appointment will have to be made.

What else can you expect when you come into a Brooklyn Hair Store location:

A beautiful display of styles

All of our Brooklyn Hair store locations are lined with a beautiful array of all our bundles and wigs. Our gorgeously kept displays allow our customers to feel and touch all the different styles, grades and textures that we carry, this will make your decision-making even more effortlessly. So whether you desire straight bundles, curly bundles, a frontal unit, a full lace wig, a closure piece or even a frontal, for your viewing pleasure all of our hair will be available for you to see and touch at all our locations.

A relaxing environment

All of our in-store services are carried out by our professional and friendly staff in a serene and beautiful space. Our stores located conveniently in Brooklyn and Queens, provide our customers with a very inviting atmosphere, so that you can relax and get comfortable as we advise you on what bundles or wigs will best suit your needs.

A wide selection of products

When you come into any of our stores you will be able to pick from our wide range of hair products. On display will be samples of our most popular products, such as our silk serum, leave-in conditioners, shampoos and conditioners. We also grant our customers access to expert advice on how to care for and maintain their new unit. We take our time to ensure that our customers are aware of how to properly care for their Brooklyn Hair, how to wash and maintain their bundles, as well as the best products to use on them for daily styling.

A bonus service offered in store is our custom unit services.
But what does all of this really mean you might ask.
Continue reading for more details.

Custom Unit services

With this service, we provide our customers with personalized customization of their hair extensions purchased at our Brooklyn Hair Stores. So in case one of our many readymade wigs do not fit all your hair needs, don't you worry just yet. We now offer fully customized units.

Whether you request a 4x4 closure unit, a 6x6 closure unit, or even a frontal unit, with our knowledgeable and experienced hairstylists, you will be directed into making the best decision to create your desired style.

Our customization services include bleaching the knots, plucking the hairline, making and styling the unit as well as advanced services such as coloring and cutting.

Please note:

  • We only provide customization services for bundles / wigs purchased at our Brooklyn hair locations.
  • If installation (which involves any form of adhesive) is required, please be mindful that an appointment will have to be scheduled prior to the date of installation.
  • Typically our custom-made units are ready for pick-up within 5 business days or less, but please be advised that depending on the style or color requested, it could take up to 5-10 business days. - A small same day deposit will need to be made prior to the making of any custom-made units, and the balance will be due when you pick up your unit.
  • To help us serve you better, it is also requested that whenever you have a desired style in mind, a picture of that style should be presented to the hairstylist or any member of staff present at that location. This will help in ensuring that you are fully satisfied with the desired look of your custom-made unit.
  • The presence of the stylist isn't required when determining your hairstyle, when making an appointment, when making a deposit or for our free consultation. Our friendly and courtesy staff at either location will make sure to take care of all your needs and relay your requested services as needed.
  • We do not do sew-ins/weaves. We can recommend you to someone; however, we do not perform this service in stores. Only wig construction and installation are done in store.
  • Service prices can be determined both over the phone as well as in-store.

If you have any questions, or if you are still unsure about our in-store services, please feel free to call or visit any of our convenient locations for a more thorough and informed consultation.
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