With a vision to seamlessly merge authenticity with affordability, the True Human Hair company launched itself into the hair world in the early months of 2014. As one of the few brick and mortar hair stores to open in NYC, True Human quickly began to differentiate itself by creating a serene environment for customers with a professional, friendly and knowledgeable line of staff. Remarkably as well, despite being a latecomer to the Virgin Remy market, we the founders of True Human Hair quickly recognized the inconsistencies in hair quality, pricing, quality control practices as well as service limitations being offered on the market.

We saw this not only as a motivation to provide customers with better experiences but also as a plausible means to prompt important changes into the ever-changing hair world. True Human Hair then started to find innovative and creative ways to show its customers how much they were appreciated and valued. Consequently, with little to no profit margin, we began our well-known customer appreciation sale called the First Friday Sale, which takes place on every first Friday in every month. This pioneering tactic was truly a catalyst in helping True Human Hair become a household name among frequent shoppers looking for authentic human hair.

We then also began to give back even more to our customers by offering customized wig services, birthday specials, valentine’s specials, prom specials among many other offers. Over the years, we have also pursued collaborative opportunities for veteran beauticians as well as up-and-coming hairstylists. Giving back is one of our main goals with these kinds of activities; therefore, through our very own Beautician Programs we offer exclusive discounts, parties and events for all local beauticians in and around our Brooklyn community.



Despite only being open in the early 2010s, the untold reality of True Human Hair’s conceptualization originally started in 1995 and was later manifested into reality by the founders’ expertise in development, production and experience in both market sales and analysis.

Furthermore, the truth remains that in the early 1990s, the supply of authentic human hair was scarce. And with the slow progression of the human hair wave extending even into the early 2000s, many people didn’t have easy access to affordable human hair bundles, especially lengths over 18”. After years of brainstorming, we began to question why can't customers get what they want without having to be forced to buy cheap, poor quality hair. Therefore, when True Human hair opened, one of our many goals was to be the bridge that helped to get customers longer lengths at the most reasonable price possible without any compromise on quality.

We did this by significantly reducing the distribution process and eliminating the need for a middleman, all while simultaneously maintaining high quality control through stricter standards, quicker acquisition of raw hair, and excellent production management.



Over the years, due to the overwhelmingly positive response of our First Friday Sale, we promptly took the opportunity to expand into new areas in order to further provide more accessibility to high-quality human hair to our customers located not only in Brooklyn but also those situated in Queens.

Another notably business venture that True Human Hair has also undertaken over the past few years of conception has been the creation of an even more affordable sub-brand called Brooklyn Hair. The development of this subdivision came about as a means of providing even more customers with access to reasonable high-quality human hair products. Therefore, unlike other inexpensive products, Brooklyn Hair has not compromised on quality at all, and with True Human Hair's own know-how, it succeeds in releasing a hair quality close to that of True Human Hair’s at only 60% of the price. With that being said, even experts might have a hard time differentiating Brooklyn Hair’s Platinum hair from our main True Human Hair brand. No matter what quality is chosen, you will always be guaranteed the best possible hair experience whenever you try our products.

Last but not least, even after the start of our business and now as we have entered into an era of unprecedented competition and online ventures, True Hair has remained devoted to its original promise and commitment of supplying its customers with nothing but the best that human hair has to offer. Providing beautiful, high-quality products at an affordable price, that’s True Human Hair’s motto!

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