How to wash your Brooklyn Hair wig

how to wash your wig

Wigs have slowly become one of the best ways to help women all over the world survive a really bad hair day or to even just change up their appearance without having to alter their own natural hair. As a result, the real question now is, how exactly do you wash and care for your new wig or simply how do you revive an old wig? Well if this is a concern for you as well, then stay tuned.

Down below we’ve listed 4 easy steps on how to properly wash your Brooklyn Hair wigs.
Steps on How to properly wash your wig

  1. Wig Prep: This step is an important one since it aims to prepare your wig for the main phase of the washing process. So, what you want to do in this step is to use a wide tooth comb and begin to detangle any small knots that you notice on your wig, and once that is done you will want to soak the hair, preferably with lukewarm water. This will significantly help with prepping the wig for the next step.
  2. Shampoo: Once the hair is thoroughly wet, you can then begin to apply a light coat of shampoo onto the wig. Firstly, apply the shampoo into the palms of your hands, then move from roots to tip ensuring that you evenly distribute adequate shampoo all over the wig. After this is achieved, proceed to wash the shampoo from the hair. Caution: please refrain from excessively rubbing and scrubbing the wig.
  3. Conditioner: After completely removing all residues of the shampoo, you are now ready to proceed to conditioning your wig. Squeeze a moderate amount of conditioner in to the palm of your hands, then gently rake the product throughout the hair with your fingers. After it has been fully coated, you can then begin to use a wide toothcomb to remove any tangles that are in the wig. Then, allow adequate time for the conditioner to remain on the hair, roughly between 3-5 minutes depending on the instructions given on the product. When time has passed, you can then proceed to rinsing the product from the hair.
  4. Drying: Once you have thoroughly ensured that all products have been removed from the hair, the process of drying the hair should now commence.

how to wash your wig?

At Brooklyn Hair we highly recommend that you let your wig air-dry; therefore, you should limit as best as possible the use of any heating tool such a blow-dryer, curling irons, or straightening irons, until the hair has entirely dried on its own. After the drying process is completed, you may now style your Brooklyn Hair as desired.

We hope that by following the 4 easy steps above you will now more than ever be as confident with the results as you were the day you just bought your Brooklyn Hair wig!

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