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DOs and DONTs of caring for curly hair

by Brooklyn Hair 13 Apr 2020

DOs and DONTs of caring for curly hair

When rocking curly bundles, you’ll be sure to have a hairstyle that is not only full and voluminous, but also flawlessly beautiful. We all know that curly/wavy hair is great; however, to keep your hair looking this way for a long time, proper care and maintenance will be needed in order to protect your bundles. Compared to straight bundles, curly hair tends to be a bit more difficult to care for, but figuring out the proper dos and don’ts of caring for curly hair can make things much easier for you.

So here are the DOs and DONTs when rocking curly hair bundles.

DOs and DONTs of caring for curly hair

The DOs

Always be gentle and careful whenever handling your curly hair bundles. Therefore, you should refrain from excessively brushing and combing your bundles. The more caring you are, the longer your curly bundles will last.

  • Always attempt to brush or comb your curly hair bundles in small sections at any given time, starting from the bottom upwards. This will help you to avoid snags and will cause less damage to your bundles whenever you attempt on detangling them.
  • Always remember to deep condition your curly bundles. Deep conditioning the hair ensures that the hair retains all its moisture, and that it will remain soft and silky feeling.
  • Always air dry your bundles in order to avoid too much frizz. Air drying your bundles can be done by using a towel to remove the excess water, then letting the hair dry on its own.
  • Always use an oil and a curl hydrating crème to keep the hair moisturized. For daily styling tips, especially for very tightly curled hair, the use of a hydrating curling crème can really make the world of a difference. It will leave the hair smooth and more manageable.
  • Avoid the use of excessive hairstyling products. When it comes to hair products, a moderate amount of oil or curling crème should be used, but the use of products like gel and mousse should be kept to a minimum. These products tend to weigh the hair down and leave it susceptible to tangling and matting.
  • Do not wash your curly bundles too frequently. If you enjoy washing your bundles, please refrain from doing so with curly hair. This will only cause the hair to dry out easily and become very brittle. Therefore, if a wash is necessary co-washing should be done.
  • Avoid excessive use of heating tools.You should always aim to keep the use of heating tools such as blow-dryers and straightening ironers to a bare minimum. This will help to prevent the hair from getting frizzy and heat damaged. Therefore, if you need to use a heating tool be sure to use a heat protector product as well. 
  • Refrain from combing or brushing your curly hair when it is dry. This is because the hair will be more prone to tangling and knotting, and will also cause the hair to be extremely frizzy. Therefore, it is best to comb the hair with a wide tooth comb when it is at least slightly damp or wet.
By following these simple DOs and DONTs you will have your curl bundles for a long long time. 
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