How to reduce shedding?

How to reduce shedding?

A common pet peeve among many hair buyers today is hair that sheds. Well if this is you as well, then stay tuned on how to prevent this from happening. It’s a knew fact that naturally, your own natural hair sheds, and so will your hair extensions if you don’t properly take care of them.

However, when the shedding becomes excessive and cannot be overlooked by any means, that’s where the problem comes in, but by following the few tips down below on how to prevent your bundles from shedding, then you will surely not have this problem. 

How to reduce shedding?
Tips on how to reduce shedding

  • Do not brush hair too often – it’s good to brush your hair, this will for sure prevent tangling. However, excessive brushing will surely cause your bundles to be more susceptible to heavy breakage, and breakage most definitely equate to future shedding problems. Therefore, when brushing always start from the bottom, then move upwards while always ensuring that you are being extremely gentle when loosening any knots on your hair. This will also in turn help you to preserve your bundles for a long long time.

  • Refrain from using excessive heat – straightening, blow-drying or even making curls can surely give you a new fresh look every time you rock your hair extensions. However, using heating tools excessively will cause the hair to become brittle and will cause sever breakage. This breakage will again result in shedding; therefore, keep the use of these tools to a minimum and air dry your hair whenever possible.

  • Ensure the quality of the hair is good, and limit manipulation – it is always good to invest in high quality bundles if you wish to keep your hair for an extended period of time. To prevent future shedding of these bundles, you will have to treat the hair with extremely gentle care and refrain from manipulating the hair too much.  

  • Refrain from cutting the weft - One of the other reasons why your bundles might shed excessively is when the weft that hold the hair together gets cut or loosens; therefore, it is good to refrain from cutting your bundles unless completely necessary.
Another very important tip is to ensure that your hair extensions are done properly. Be sure to get a professional who is knowledgeable about hair extensions, and who will ensure that your hair is installed properly in order to help you prevent any future shedding problems. 
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