How to prevent tangling / matting?

How to prevent tangling matting?

Keeping your hair looking good is simply the best feeling. Therefore, if you’re ever concerned about preventing your hair from looking a hot mess, then stay tuned for a few tips that will help to prevent your hair extensions from getting tangled up. Hair tangling is sometimes referred to as matting, and this is because often times when the hair gets tangled it tends to turn into jumbled clumps.

These are often hard to undo, and will need for the hair to be properly washed and deep conditioned in order to get rid of without causing further damage to the hair. Thankfully, the entire tangling dilemma can be avoided by following the few tips we have listed down below.
Tips on preventing your hair extensions from tangling up:

  • Be sure to keep your hair extensions moisturized and hydrated – since the hair extensions won’t produce oils on their own like our own natural hair, then it will be key that you keep the hair from drying out. This is because dry hair is often more susceptible to matting; therefore, to prevent this be sure to apply an oil (such as an argan oil) to your hair, focusing especially on the ends.

  • Refrain from using excessive products on the hair – in order to prevent tangling and matting it will be good to limit the number of products you put on the hair on a daily basis, especially products that are very heavy and could possibly weight the hair down. This will help you to avoid product build up, and will in turn save you from having to deal with additional tangles and knots.

  • Ensure that your hair extensions are thoroughly clean and properly stored – one important key in helping to prevent your hair extensions from tangling up is to properly store them after each use. To do this, you have to firstly ensure that the hair is gently washed with shampoo and conditioner. Please ensure that you wash the hair with products that are free from harsh chemicals such as sulphate and alcohol, since these products tend to do more damage than good and should be avoided at all cost.

How to prevent tangling matting?

A few more tips that could help you prevent shedding is to ensure that the hair is properly covered with a satin bonnet before you go off to sleep, in the case of a sew-in weave or a lace front wig that has been glued on. Another tip is to avoid getting the hair wet from salt water and excessive sweating.

You can definitely get your hair extensions wet; however, this tip will help you to maintain your style for a longer time. By following the few tips given, we hope you’ll be able to prevent your hair from tangling and matting. 

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