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How to choose the right shampoo for your hair extensions?

by Brooklyn Hair 08 May 2020

How to choose the right shampoo for your hair extensions?

So, you’ve decided to wash your bundles, but you are not quite unsure what shampoo to use, well just know that we understand the dilemma.

A shampoo is ultimately the product that will get your hair extensions squeaky clean. This simply means that if you have any product build up from using daily styling products such as hair creams and oils, then the best product to use to remove these would ideally be a shampoo.

Though this cleansing property is needed to help keep your bundles clean, the drawback to this is that your hair will ultimately be stripped of most of its moisture.

Therefore, choosing the right shampoo can make a huge difference in how your wash day will go, and so it is best to always choose the right one for you and your hair needs.

Down below we have listed a few tips on how to help you to choose the right shampoo for your hair extensions.
Tips on picking the right shampoo

  • If you find that your hair is relatively dry and damaged, then what your hair will need will be products explicitly designed to help correct these issues. Therefore, a shampoo with many different oils as some of their main ingredients will certainly be fitting since these products will help to add the needed moisture to your hair extensions.  

  • Choose what is best for your individual hair needs - As mentioned before, a shampoo will strip the hair of many of its properties such as its natural oil among many other things. One of those other things is its color; therefore, if you have bleached or dyed your hair extensions then picking the right shampoo will essentially be a crucial task. A great way to identify these kinds of products is to thoroughly assess the product’s ingredients. Consequently, for hair that has been colored, the best type of shampoo to use should be one that is specifically for colored hair since this will help avoid the color from fading during the washing process.

  • Choose shampoos with the least amount of harsh chemicals – if you are unsure what exactly your hair needs, then the best advice is to select products that will overall be the least damaging to your hair extensions. The best shampoos to select in this case will undoubtedly be ones that are free from sulfate and alcohol. The reason to stay away from products with these ingredients is simply because they will cause more bad than good, especially if your hair is already relatively dry and damaged. From drying out your hair extensions to ruining the hair’s integrity, you should always stay away from shampoos with these ingredients. 
We hope that the information provided in this blog will be of help to you when finding the best shampoo for your hair needs.
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