Best braiding hair for faux locs

Best braiding hair for faux locs

The best type of hair for faux locs will not only come down to the brand but really just how the hair feels.

This is because you will need braiding hair that is coarse and that will not tangle easily.

These two factors are very important since the type of hair will determine the outcome of your style.

With most faux locs styles, there are two types of hair used to complete your desired style. Firstly, if you wish to do a simple faux locs style then just using braiding hair, such as Marley hair, will suffice.

However, if you want a more distressed look, then there will be a need to use an additional type of hair.

Braiding hair used for locs -

Shake N Go’s Equal Cuban Twist. This hair is perfect for doing locs styles because its texture is very coarse and easy to wrap and mold into locks. Made with 100% premium soft kanekalon, this hair is perfect for any faux locs style.

Similar to the brand listed above is the Janet Brand’s Marley Twist braiding hair.

Popular Freetress Styles used along with braiding hair -

  • Bohemian Curl 20”
  • Deep twist 14” or 22”
  • Water wave 22”

Any of these styles can help you to achieve styles such as butterfly locs, goddess locs, among many others.

Whatever your pick maybe, your hair will be as flawless as ever.

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