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Types of crochet braiding

by Brooklyn Hair 09 Nov 2020

Types of crochet braiding

In the hair world, the word crochet often covers a wide array of hair styles. This ranges from box braids, twists, curls, kinky straight, locs and so on.

This is because essentially any hair that can be interloped into your hair can be done as a crochet style.

Therefore, we have narrowed down the choices of crochet styles you might be familiar with and hopefully this will bring some clarity on the types of crochet to choose from the next time you get your hair done.

Types of crochet to choose from:
Premade – These are crochets styles that have been done in order to mimic the most popular braiding styles. Styles such as box braids, spring twist, goddess locs, among many others, can be achieved in no time when done as a crochet style.

Loose (bulk) hair –For some women the main alternative to weave is a curly or straight hair crochet style. With brands like the Freetress brand, styles such as water wave, bohemian curl, deep wave etc., are the top choice when it comes to using loose hair for crochet. With proper execution, loose hair can be crocheted or intertwined into your braids and this kind of hair style will often leave everyone questioning if it is your real hair. And let’s be honest, there is really nothing better than that.

Regardless of your choice, a crochet style is guaranteed to help you look as flawless as ever.

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