Popular Faux Locs styles

Popular Faux Locs styles

One of the most versatile styles that can be done with braiding hair is faux locs. Usually faux locs are done in a way to give a very sleek and uniformed look.

However, if you are going for a more natural look it is always good to do styles that truly reflect the beauty of real locs. Real locs are characterized by uniqueness.

This is because each “lock” will always be different from each other.  Therefore, if this uniqueness is what you seek, then down below we have listed the best styles that will give you this realistic effect.  

Most trendy locs styles:

Butterfly locs - This style is a type of faux locs that strays from the normally sleek and smooth faux locs look.

Instead, it is done with a distressed effect. This version of faux locs is slightly different from the perfectly wrapped faux locs and is a great pick for anyone.

Goddess locs - These locs are done to give a more Boho or Bohemian spin to the regularly uniformed faux locs.

This is because in addition to regular braiding hair, these locs are often done with braiding hair such as Freetress water wave or deep wave braiding hair in order to create a curly effect at the ends of each lock.

Other noteworthy lock styles include Bohemian locs, Gypsy locs, Bob Marley locs, Mermaid locs etc. No matter the style, locs are always a great style for everyone.

So, just go for it!

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