• Best braiding hair for faux locs

    Best braiding hair for faux locs
    The best type of hair for faux locs will not only come down to the brand but really just how the hair feels. This is because you will need braiding hair that is coarse and that will not tangle easily. These two factors are very important since the type of hair will determine the outcome of your style. With most faux locs styles, there...
  • Popular Faux Locs styles

    Popular Faux Locs styles
    One of the most versatile styles that can be done with braiding hair is faux locs. Usually faux locs are done in a way to give a very sleek and uniformed look. However, if you are going for a more natural look it is always good to do styles that truly reflect the beauty of real locs. Real locs are characterized by uniqueness. This...
  • What are faux locs?

    What are faux locs?
    Locs, also known as dreadlocks, are formed when strands of hair are entangled then rolled together to form a ‘lock’. Typically, locs are done on your own hair; however, locs can also be done using braiding hair often called faux locs. This is done by wrapping braiding hair around your hair in order to give a very natural-looking impression of real locs while keeping...
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