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A Guide to Common Types of Closures: Which is Right For You?

by Brooklyn Hair 13 Sep 2019

We're living through the hair revolution. 

Women of color have embraced their beauty inside and out with the natural hair movement while still working magic with wigs, weaves, and closures. If you'd like to make your hair look amazing, there are several different types of closures you can look into. 

Follow the tips below in order to learn which closures are best for you. 

Types of Closures

A closure is a type of extension that is placed on top of cornrows for a more natural appearance than a wig.

You'll need to look into materials, color codes, length, and other variables, just like you would if you were purchasing extensions or other types of hairpieces. This will help you put together a style that works for you, so you always look your best with any hairstyle you are putting together. 

There are several types of closures you can shop for, including the following: 

1. Silk Closure

As the name suggests, this is a closure that is made of silk or silky materials. Not only do these closures last a long time, but you also get a more natural appearance without having to bleach the knots. 

Women often opt for silk closures when they want to be sure their money works for them when wearing a long-term style. 

2. Lace Closure

With lace closure, you are dealing with individual strands of hair that are interwoven to create your style. The main difference between these closures and silk ones is that you'll have to prepare and bleach the knots.

A lace closure is also ideal when you need to be sure that your hair lays flatly on your head. 

3. 360 Closure

When you opt for a 360 closure, you are attaching the hair with a headband to create a style with more volume and length. 

This is the type of closure that women get when they want long braids or hair that they can fix into a ponytail. At the same time, it gives you plenty of flexibility, so you can vary the style however you'd like. 

4. Frontal Closure

Finally, you'll want to consider a frontal closure. With this hairstyle, the materials are shaped in a way that more naturally replicates your hairline. 

It features coverage from ear to ear and is a useful tool anytime a woman wants a protective style or to keep her edges intact. 

Buy the Best Hair Products

There are several types of closures you can look into when you want your hair to always look amazing. 

You can mix and match these hair closures depending on what sort of style you are going for. Only buy quality synthetic or natural hair, so your stylist can work magic. 

With that said, you'll need to get the help of the best stylist that your money can buy. This way, you'll be able to bring these hairstyles to life using these closures. 

You can send us a message online, or give us a call at 718-676-5810 for our Brooklyn store and 718-291-5810 for our Jamaica, Queens location. 

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