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9 Things You Need to Know About the Cost of Hair Bundles and Closures

by Brooklyn Hair 18 Jul 2019

African-American women have always been at the forefront of cultural trends. Whether it's stylish cornrows with their artistic beauty. Our voluptuous lips that created envy so deep it helped spawn the collagen revolution. Or the plastic surgery craze of butt implants to recreate what black women already own.

Now hair extensions have gone mainstream. But the hair extensions of the '90s evolved into this new generation of products.

Two of the most popular and sometimes expensive options for women seeking extensions are virgin hair bundles and hair closures. 

If you're new to the world of buying weave don't worry. We've compiled the information you need.

What are Hair Bundles

A hair bundle is an individual collection of hair sold separately or in a pack. The amount of bundles you need depends on the style you get, says

What are Hair Closures

A hair closure is a hairpiece constructed of lace or silk with lace being more common. The hair closure gets installed by attaching it to a cornrow base around the perimeter to protect your hair and enhance the look, according to

While there are benefits to both types of hair closures lace material is thinner and lies flatter on your scalp.

What is the Hair Grading System

The hair grading system was created by Chinese manufacturers to quantify hair-quality. After the hair gets manufactured the hair grade system determines the type of hair used, the hair's origin and donor information. The system informs your hairstylist on the proportion of hair strands of one bundle and the material used.

Hair extensions come in four categories:

  • 100% Virgin Hair - Best quality and expensive
  • 100% Human Hair - Cuticles removed
  • Remy Hair - Long-lasting, chemical & mechanical processed, best quality
  • Synthetic Hair - Doesn't contain human hair and is low quality

The hair grades assigned to the categories of hair are 3A, 4A & 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A & 9A, 10A & 11A.

3A consists of synthetic material and considered low quality. 4A & 5A is thin human hair with no cuticles. 6A hair is Remy hair and a better grade. 7A offers quality and longer-lasting hair. 8A & 9A comes from one donor and is virgin human hair. 10A & 11A is the best quality hair available because it's thicker, comes from one donor and lasts up to 5 years without processing.

What Impacts the Pricing of the Hair Bundles and Closures

The hard work necessary for finding the right hair for weaves is a complicated process. Because of the time and effort needed this impacts the price to the consumer. As with any product the cost of production is the reason for the different variations in prices.

Listed below are reasons for why you're paying sometimes higher rates for human hair and how you save by selecting Brooklyn Hair.

1. Convenience

The time associated with the upkeep of African-American hair is enough to make anyone tired. So if a black woman finds an alternative to weekly washing, daily styling, and relaxer touch-ups she's going to use it. Wearing hair extensions offers the convenience of waking up ready to start the day. Most hairstyles need minimal styling to maintain the look. 

2. Protective Style

Black women's hair endures a lot of damage from relaxers or blow-dryers. The constant wear and tear lead to breakage. Wearing a weave allows African-American a break from the heat and/chemical damage. When your hair is in a protective style it can relax and rebuild its strength. 

3. Length

African-American hair is sensitive and needs proper care to grow. For many black women, hair extensions give the freedom of long hair one month and shorter hair the next. 

4. Look

Yet some women with natural long hair still enjoy wearing a weave because of the look it gives them. African-American like changing their hairstyles to suit their mood. Women who look good, feel good. For many women, this gets achieved by wearing weaves.

5. Different Textures

Changing the appearance of your hairs' texture is fun. Whether you prefer the straight or wavy hair bundles give you the style you want without damage to your natural hair.

6. Low Maintenance

Hair extension gives a woman more time to prepare before leaving in the morning or out to an event. If you wash your extensions, keep them moisturized, and wear a scarf, your hair extensions will last you for months.

7. Finding Suitable Hair

Weave manufacturers have to find and pay for the hair used in extensions. In order to do so, the women are located and the hair properly collected. Because of the specific textures used in weaves, Brazil, India, and Peru are popular for harvesting the hair. But the hair doesn't get collected by itself. Workers cut the hair and continue the process of getting it from point A to point B.

8. Laborers Who Process It

The people cutting the hair and transferring it to processing plants need payment too. Cleaning and separating the hair is time-consuming but the dedicated workers get their job done to ensure your hair arrives.

9. The Cleaning Process

While we offer some of the highest-quality and most unprocessed hair on the market it still went through a cleaning process before packaging. After the washing and drying come the sorting, arranging, hair weaving, tangling test, re-washing, styling, and then packaging.

Bundles and Closures Available

Brooklyn Hair Bundles come in 7A, 9A, and 11A which means our high-quality hair will last longer. The 7A Bundles cost between $25.00 to $95.00. 9A ranges from $55.00 to $250.00. 11A is the highest-quality hair with prices between $70.00 to $220.00.

Brooklyn Hair Closures also come in 7A, 9A, and 11A. The 7A prices are $30.00 to $125.00. 9A ranges from $80.00 to $200.00. 11A costs $100.00 to  $185.00. The prices for bundles and closures depends on the grade, texture, and length of the hair.

Invest in the Best

Now that you're informed on the cost of hair bundles and hair closures it's time to shop. Click here to learn more about us and read why our hair products are the best.

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