A Complete Guide to Buying Human Hair Wigs

The wig has come a long way since its scalp-protecting and lice-deterring start in ancient civilizations.

Wigs of today are worn by people of all races, ages, and economic status. They're used to combat unfortunate genetics and are a non-committal way of changing your hairstyle. 

However, buying human hair wigs can be a bit of a process because there are many factors to consider. First-time buyers especially can get lost in terminologies like bundles, closures, and Remy hair. 

We've put together this guide to make buying a good wig for the first time easier. Keep reading for all the information you need to find a high-quality wig stress-free! 

Style Preference

Choosing the style is a fun decision, but it's the part of the wig buying process that people get hung up on the most. 

You'll need to decide what length your wig should be. Do you want one length or something more layered? 

Next up is deciding the color! Will you stick with something close to your natural color?

Or do you want to "wow" your friends with a wild color?

The third decision to make in regard to style is whether you want a full wig, a closure, or a bundle.

Full wigs cover your entire head when you want an entirely new look. Bundles are large sections of hair you can use to make yours appear longer or fuller. Closures are attachments placed atop cornrowed base for a natural-looking part. 

With wigs, any color or length is possible! 

We recommend giving yourself time to research which style calls to you the most. Take a look at look books and try virtual styling apps to see what cut you want to try first. 

Size Options

Typically, wig sizes are only relevant for full wigs. If you're opting for a closure or bundle style, you won't need to worry about sizing.

Our lace wigs come with an adjustable strap at the back as well as strategically placed combs. The straps and combs allow you to get a customized fit for your head.

Grading System

There is a broad spectrum when it comes to wig quality. One thing you don't want to skimp out on is the quality of the hair in your wig!

This is why the hair weave industry implemented a grading system.

If you want the absolute best wig, opt for one with a Grade11A rating. 11A wigs are crafted from virgin (unprocessed) hair from a single hair donor.

They can last around five years if you don't process them at all. 

The Benefits of Buying Human Hair Wigs

If this is your first wig purchase, you may not realize that all wigs are not created equal.

Your best option is to buy one made of real human hair. Synthetic options are fine if you're on a budget, but they aren't versatile and won't last as long. 

A wig made of real human hair will provide a more authentic look and feel. Styling is a breeze when you know what you want the wig to look like. They can be washed, dried, and given heat treatments like real hair. 

Tip: Read product descriptions carefully and ask questions if you're not sure what your wig is made of. Some companies claim to make "real hair" wigs when their products contain animal hairs. It's not entirely inaccurate, yak hair is still "real" hair, but it's not human hair. 

Don't Wig Out

One thing to remember when you decide to buy a wig is not to overthink it.

Choosing a haircut and color at the hair salon is stressful, but you should think about wigs differently. If you end up not liking the style of wig you choose, you can always buy another!

Hopefully, we've made buying human hair wigs an easier process for you.

If you're ready to find your next hairstyle, first check out our best-selling wigs to see if something catches your eye!

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