6 Benefits of 360 Full Lace Wigs

Wigs have been around since ancient Egypt. Egyptian men and women alike often shaved their hair or wore it cropped. Using a wig helped protect their scalp from the searing desert sun. 

Throughout history, people continued using wigs and even considered them fashionable. In recent decades, many people considered them a sign of shame, used to cover hair loss.

Today, society is leaving that stigma behind. Many celebrities are openly using wigs to change up their look on the daily. Many everyday women are also getting in on the trend. 

Are you looking at 360 full lace wigs? Find out 6 great benefits here!

1. A Natural Look

You might choose to wear a wig, but that doesn't mean you want everyone to know! Full lace wigs offer a more natural-looking hairstyle.

The wigs are made from high-quality real human hair and each strand is woven into the lace cap. 

This makes the wig appear more natural. When applied it's quite difficult to tell that the hair isn't actually coming from the scalp! 

2. Customizable

A full lace wig has lace all around the cap. This means that when you cut your hairline you won't be cutting just the front, you'll be cutting all the way around.

This helps make your wig look even more natural. The hair looks like it's growing out of your scalp regardless of what angle it's viewed from.

Wear updos with confidence since showing off the back of your wig won't make it obvious that you're wearing a wig. 

Go about your day without worrying about your hair. Who knew that fabulous hair could be so easy?

3. Style Versatility

Full lace wigs are more versatile when it comes to styling than their lace frontal wig counterparts. Because the lace cap covers the whole head, you can easily part the hair anywhere you like to create different hairstyles.

You can even gently comb the wig — just as if it was your real hair!

4. Security

A 360 full lace wig will stay in place. A lace frontal wig can slip if not properly adhered to the head.

This is not ideal and Murphy's law dictates that it will always slip at the most inopportune moment.  

5. Flexibility

The elastic cap and band allow full lace wigs to be flexible. They can stretch and move, giving them the ability to be used for different head sizes and allow room for hair growth under the wig. 

6. Won't Damage Hair

You may be using a wig to change up your hairstyle rather than cover up hair loss. In that case, you want something that you can use over your real hair without damaging it. 

Traditional wigs can damage your existing hair. Full lace wigs are a better option as they are more gentle. The stretchiness that we mentioned earlier also makes it easy to position the wig over your real hair. 

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Whether you want to cover baldness or change up your hairstyle, 360 full lace wigs are a great way to do it.

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