How Long Do Wigs Made of Human Hair Last?

When it comes to natural, unprocessed and beautiful hair, there's nothing that will do the trick better than a wig made of 100% real human hair. These wigs often come at a higher price point, but the advantages are numerous. 

Those who buy wigs made of human hair are investing in the future, as an organic and authentic wig can last longer than other synthetic varieties. No matter the reason you're shopping for a wig, purchasing a human hair wig can help to ensure you're looking your best.

But just how long does such a wig last when properly cared for? Read on, and we'll walk you through everything you need to know. 

Factors That Determine A Wig's Lifespan

There are a few different factors to take into consideration when predicting a wig's lifespan. They are: 

  • Hair Material
  • Care/Maintenance 
  • Environmental Factors 

Understanding how each of these play into a wig's life will give you a better understanding of how long a particular piece will last. 

Hair Material

We've talked before about hair grades, but it's worth mentioning again. The life of a human hair wig will depend greatly on the grade and type of hair used to make the wig. 

A higher grade means better quality hair. Low-grade hair usually has synthetic or animal hair mixed in. It might be made out of thin and less durable material. High-grade hair, on the other hand, is usually 100% virgin hair and pulled from a single donor. 

Hair rated at 10A or 11A is real, unprocessed, and durable, and is likely to last a lot longer than weaker and lower-rated materials. 

Care and Maintenance 

How a wig owner cares for their hair will have a big impact on the lifespan of the wig in question. You have to be careful if you want your wig to last a long period of time. 

You should always take great care to follow washing and cleaning instructions closely, so as to not cause damage to your wig. You don't want to over-style or over-wash the hair either, just as you wouldn't with a real head of hair. 

Storing a wig properly and safely also can contribute to a long and healthy life. 

Environmental Factors

Where you choose to wear your wig will also impact its overall lifecycle. If you take your wig into bright sunlight, polluted areas, or rough weather, it could affect the health of the hair. The environment does have an impact

No one's perfect, and you might find yourself in these situations from time to time. But consistent exposure to the elements can weaken your wig and decrease the overall lifespan. 

How Long Do Wigs Made of Human Hair Last? 

Now that you understand the factors in play, let's get to the main point of your question: how long can you expect a 100% real human hair wig to last? 

A high-grade wig that is properly cared for can last up to a full calendar year of consistent wear. Understanding the impact of the above factors can help you take better care of your wig and ensure a long and healthy life. You can reference this chart as a reference for how some of these factors affect the lifespan of a wig. 

The Best Real Hair Wigs

While wigs made of human hair might be more expensive, their beauty and long lifespans can make them more than a worthwhile investment.

Have more questions about high-grade wigs made to last? Reach out to us anytime for assistance! We work directly with manufacturers to keep quality high and prices low so you can always keep your hair looking gorgeous.

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