Why you should not cut the weft

Why you should not cut the weft

Let’s be honest, hair extensions aren’t meant to last forever, but that doesn’t mean you should ever settle for hair that is less than what you deserve. Therefore, if ever buy high quality extensions and want to extend their lifespan there is one simple rule that you should follow. That rule is to NEVER cut the weft of your bundles.

A weft is essentially the part of the bundle that holds the hair in place. Therefore, it is comprised of hair strands which have been sewn together to create a “bundle”. So why is this so important you may ask. Stay tuned to find out.

  1. Well, first off, cutting the weft is like cutting the heart out of your body. Yes, it’s that important.  The weft holds everything together, therefore, when you cut it away this leaves the hair vulnerable to excessive shedding. Minimum shedding is considered pretty standard for most extensions; however, the consequence of cutting the weft will eventually lead to a noticeable decrease in the density of your hair extensions.

    Hence, though most wefts are machine done and are sealed to ensure that the hair strands are securely attached, if the weft is cut you will not only be dealing with shedding, but will also be dealing with a myriad of problems that might be difficult to fix.

  2. Secondly, cutting the weft will reduce the lifespan of your hair extensions. If you are like many people who love to reuse their hair extensions, then it would be best to refrain from ever having to cut the weft of your bundles. This is because your hair extensions will last longer when it is all in tact and can be more easily reused without having to worry about hair strands detaching because of looseness on the weft.


By following this simply advice you will surely be on the right track. Literally! 

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