How often should you wash your bundles?

How often should you wash your bundles?

Washing your bundles is definitely a part of having a very healthy hair routine. Therefore, if you are thinking about washing your bundles anytime soon, well we’ve got some very helpful advice for you.

Your hair extensions should typically be washed every 2 to 4 weeks; however, keep in mind that this is only valid in certain instances. This is said because, let’s be honest, there are a multitude of reasons that might affect how often you should wash your hair extensions. Thankfully, we have simplified a few reasons down below, and hopefully this will help you to better make your decision.
Factors that might affect how often you wash your bundles:

  • The amount of product build-up present – If there is a significant amount of product build-up on your hair extensions, then you should ensure that your hair is washed accordingly. Products, when used in moderation, can be very beneficial to your hair. However, this can in turn cause your hair to feel very heavy and weighed down. To avoid this, you should be sure to wash your hair whenever you believe that your hair extensions have too much product residue on it.

  • If the hair feels rough or smells sweaty - Whenever your hair extensions feel a bit rough or smell a bit sweaty, you should be sure to not only shampoo, but you should also ensure that you deep condition your hair extensions. This will help you to get rid of the rough feel as well as any unpleasant smell, whether it is from working out or simply from humid weather.

  • How often the bundles are worn - Another important factor that will determine how often you wash your bundles will be how often you wear them. What this is saying is that if you wear your bundles very often, whether as a sew-in or as a wig, then you should wash your hair more frequently than you would if you were to wear them occasionally. 
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