Factors that will determine how well your bundles will dry

Factors that will determine how well your bundles will dry

An important factor that will ensure that your hair extensions last as long as possible is how well you care for them. This is a universal fact, and it involves how you care for your hair extensions on a daily basis, how you wash your hair when needed, and how you dry your hair after the washing process.

Let’s be honest, many people often forget how important the drying process really is, but this process should never be overlooked. So now, let us examine the different factors involved in properly drying your hair extensions.

When drying your bundles, it is good to keep in mind a few things that will determine how well your bundles will dry, and these include:

  • Whether you washed your hair extensions in the nighttime or in the daytime – Whenever you wash your bundles, the biggest concern in regards to drying is the amount of time that you will have to let your hair dry on its own. Consequently, if you wash your hair in the daytime, you will have more time to let your hair air dry without much manipulation. On the other hand, if you plan on washing your hair during the nighttime you should ensure that you have enough time for your hair to dry thoroughly.

    Sometimes, drying your hair overnight is the only option, if this is so, you should ensure that you braid your hair and secure it under a satin bonnet in order to prevent friction and matting. 

  • How long your bundles are – keep in mind, if your bundles are long, chances are you will have to leave your hair to dry for a longer time. On the other hand, if your bundles are short you won’t have to worry too much about time since short hair will be able to dry amply in record time.

  • Whether you use a heating tool such as a blow dryer or a diffuser – if you opt to use a blow dryer or diffuser chances are that your hair will dry much faster. However, it would be wise to ensure that you use a low heat setting on your heating tool. This simply means that if you are unable to let your bundles dry on their own, then whenever using a heating tool you should be sure to not use excessive heat since this might result in heat damage. 
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