Why should you get a lace piece or wig with baby hair?

Why should you get a lace piece or wig with baby hair

Though many would refer to “baby hair” as a mere fad, it has actually been apart of the hair world for decades.

So, in today’s blog we will be figuring out what exactly is baby hair, and the many advantages it provides.

If you have ever bought a lace piece whether a closure, a frontal, a lacefront wig, or even a full lace wig, then you will have immediately noticed that there are short hair strands that are solely located in the front perimeter, and that these are what are referred to as baby hair.

Therefore, baby hair really is just the short, fine hair strands found at the extreme front of your closure, frontals or lace front wigs.

Baby hair
Advantages of having baby hair

  • If you have ever wondered why almost everyone rocks their lacefronts with baby hairs, well that’s because these small, fine hair strands help in the most effective way to make your hairline look even more undetectable.

  • These hairs also typically help with maintaining the illusion that your lace piece is somewhat real. So, you can confidently always keep everyone guessing, this will surely help with boosting your self-confidence since no one will ever know if its your real hair or not.

  • Baby hair helps with ensuring that no matter your hairstyle, your hair will be looking as natural as possible. So, whether you choose to do a simple straight back style or even a top bun with a ponytail, you will be looking as beautiful as ever.

  • Another great thing about baby hair is the fact that these small hairs can be easily brushed into the rest of the hair, and go unnoticed until you need them again. All you will have to do is to pull them down and bam your baby hairs will be back and ready for you to slay your next look. 
Here at Brooklyn hair, our closures, frontals, lacefront wigs, and full lace wigs are all equipped with baby hairs that are hand tied one by one; therefore, you can always rest assured that you will be given the most flawless and realistic hairline possible.
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