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What is the Full lace wigs?

by Brooklyn Hair 20 Feb 2020

what is the full lace wig

With the most versatility compared to any other wig on the market, full lace wigs forever reign supreme. What really sets these types of wig apart is that they are made of high-quality human hair that has a base made entirely of lace.

This cap construction allows hair strands to be looped one by one onto a sheer lace material; hence, providing you with a natural looking hairline as well as the freedom to part your hair anywhere. You can rest assured that when you shop for a full lace wig you will be getting the best of the best.

full lace wig

Though years ago, only celebrities could even afford to buy a wig made completely of lace- full lace wig prices used to at least thousands dollar, today they have thankfully become more readily available for everyone to wear. With that being said, here are a few factors that set full lace wigs apart:



A full lace wig mimics the look of your scalp; hence, styles that were once never done using a wig are now more than ever easy to achieve. These styles include: ponytails, half up/half down, cornrows among many others. This is solely because with a full lace wig there will be no need for tracks to be sewn onto your wig; instead, all hair strands are hand tied unto the lace. This will definitely give you more advantages compared to a lace front wig that only has a lace base solely in the front of the wig.


A Full lace wig provides its wearer with the most comfortable, light-weight, and sturdy feel possible. This light and airy attribute will in turn benefit your natural hair underneath, and help promote healthy growth.

Natural-looking hairline/scalp

Made with a delicate sheer lace material, this allows you to flawlessly pull off styles that require a lot of parting. Our full lace wigs here at Brooklyn Hair will blend so seamlessly against your skin that it will create the illusion of scalp, regardless of your desired style, no one has to even know you are wearing a wig. Nothing could be better than that!

Brooklyn Hair Offers Full Lace Wigs Under $200

Having a wig that is made completely of lace is really great; however, this advantage does sometimes make full lace wigs slightly more costly than your average lace front wig. Full lace wigs are also made up of super high-quality human hair and are primarily hand crafted. Therefore, regardless of the price point, there are still so many reasons why people are now more than ever investing in full lace wigs. When you try it, you’ll know for sure that they really are so timelessly.

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