What are Lace part (T Part) wigs?

Our lace part wigs are a really great choice for anyone looking for a quick and easy style. We all know that searching for the right wig can sometimes be a challenging task, particularly if this is your very first wig and if you’re not even quite sure what you’re looking for exactly. Well if this sounds like you, then one of our many lace part wigs might be just right for you.

A lace part wig, sometimes referred to as a T-part wig, is a type of wig that has a defined part in the middle. These wigs are made with a small section of lace running 13 inches across the front of the wig to cover your entire hairline, accompanied by a deep lace part running towards the back of the wig. As the letter suggests, the parting space of these kind of wigs tend to mimic the look of a capital “T”.

Our affordable lace part wigs / T-part wigs are made up of the following:

  • Approximately 6 inches deep lace part, with roughly a 0.5" width. This provides an adequate amount of space so that no tracks will be seen.
  • Open and Closed Wefts. These tracks complete the remaining area of the wig. Sewn unto a stretchable cap, this cap goes around the perimeter of your hair where the lace doesn’t cover, making it relatively easy to secure onto your head.
  • An adjustable strap located at the back of the wig in order to ensure an accurate fit.
  • Combs that can be found at the front of the wig, as well as at the sides and at the back. This will help to ensure that your wig stays in place securely unto your head.
  • A breathable and soft construction. Done with precision, the tracks on these wigs are machine sewn which minimizes shedding as well as ensuring that you have the most comfortable fit. 

The one main drawback of a lace part wig is the defined middle part. Though this restriction might be a deal breaker for many, for others these wigs are really great lifesavers.

A lace part wig provides many advantages, firstly they are extremely affordable. Seeing that the lace section only accounts for a small portion of the wig, this kind of construction is significantly cheaper compared to a wig made with full lace.

What’s truly amazing as well is how relatively easy these wigs are to both install as well as to maintain. Often times, these wigs do not require the use of any adhesive nor do they need any tedious upkeep. Following a proper daily styling, washing and storing routine, a lace part wig is a great option for everyday wearing, especially for those who do not have much experience with wearing and caring for wigs.

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