What is the Wet and Wavy Wigs?

What is the Wet and Wavy Wigs?

What is the Wet and Wavy Wigs?

What is better than one style? Two styles of course. Luckily that is exactly what you could get with a wet and wavy wig from Brooklyn Hair. Our high-quality wet and wavy wigs offer customers two very different styles; therefore, your hair could go from silky straight to a bouncy curl, and vice versa effortlessly. The charm of our wet and wavy human hair wigs is that it will naturally curl without the need for excessive products nor any form of chemical treatments.

All that you will need to do is follow these few steps, and you will on your way to a whole new gorgeous look.

Wet and Wavy Wigs

Step 1: Saturation

To activate your Brooklyn Hair wet and wavy wig, firstly you will have to saturate your wig with either water or a leave-in conditioner. The best way to wet your hair is to use a spray bottle with water to drench the wig, dip the wig into a container filled with water or to simply wash your wig. Doing either of these methods will guarantee that the wig won’t just be damp, but instead it will be thoroughly drenched. This is a very important aspect in ensuring that you get the desired curl pattern from your wet and wavy wig.   

Step 2: Moisture

Moisture is the key to granting you the ideal wet and wavy look from your wig. So while the hair is still wet the next procedure will be to use a form of hair lotion/creme to seal in the moisture attained from step 1. At Brooklyn Hair, we recommend our "hydrating curling crème," however, you can also use any form of hair creme you have available that will aid in locking in moisture without weighing down the hair.

Step 3: Scrunching

While the hair is still wet and now fully moisturized, the next procedure will then be to delicately begin to scrunch the hair. Scrunching is done by taking a handful of hair into your palms, then squeezing the hair into your fist while you simultaneously move in an up and down motion. To ensure that you do this step properly, it is important that you work with small portions of hair at a time. This step is very critical since this method encourages the hair to take shape and maintain its intended curl pattern/texture.

Step 4: Greasing

Crucially, the last step is to seal in all the moisture and efforts garnered from the first 3 steps. To properly lock in all the moisture, we here at Brooklyn hair encourage that you use a light oil-based product or our most popular product the “Silk Serum”. This step will help you to keep your hair looking its best for a long time, as well as to keep your hair frizz-free and bouncy.

All that will be left for you to do is to allow the hair to air dry and that’s it. You can go from straight to curly in just these 4 easy steps, and back to straight again with the use of a straightening tool of your choice. By ensuring you follow these few steps, you will certainly be on your way to getting the very best look and desired style.

Brooklyn Hair Wet & Wavy Wigs

Brooklyn Hair Wet & Wavy Wigs

Our wet and wavy wigs come in three very distinct styles: Bohemian jerry curl, Caribbean deep wave and Brazilian loose wave. Each wig, regardless of the style, has been delicately crafted to provide our customers with soft, silky hair that retains moisture in order to provide long-lasting dreamy waves. Made using the “T-part” cap construction, our Wet and wavy wigs are perfect for anyone looking to change their looks up without having to worry too much about cost.

Additionally, the required maintenance of our Wet and wavy wigs tends to be very low; hence, these wigs would be a great choice for anyone looking to spice things up with just an effortless and beautiful change in their hair.  

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