What are Passion Twists?

What are passion twist

What do you get when you combine the look of a Senegalese twist and the look of a Goddess Locs? Well, that’s pretty much how a passion twist looks. Passion twist is a hair braiding style that combines a twisted effect with a more distressed look. This in turn creates a Bohemian effect that is fairly easy to both install as well as maintain.

So how did this style turn in to the talk of the town?

This style is credited to an innovative stylist known as the “Boho Babe” on Instagram and YouTube. She created this style as a bridge to having the best of both worlds, an easy hairstyle and one that looks as realistic as possible.

Thanks to her creativity, this hairstyle has now become a popular trend and might even be the new norm when it comes to twists.

A few other reasons why the passion twist is so popular is that it is:

  • A relatively quick and easy style. You can roll out of bed and just go. And let’s be real, nothing beats that.
  • Easy to maintain. Since this style already looks fairly distressed and worn from the get-go, this effect will make your hair look good even when you have had the style for weeks. What’s even better is that this style looks even better after it has been worn for a while. After all, the most realistic look is the most ideal look for any style.
  • A Protective style. Like all other crochet or braided hair styles, passion twist is a great choice whenever you are looking for a style that will help your hair to grow healthily.

What are you waiting for, make Passion Twist your next hairstyle!

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