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How are Passion Twists created?

by Brooklyn Hair 09 Dec 2020

How are Passion Twists created?

In order to create the Boho effect that typically comes with the passion twist hairstyle, there are a few things you will need to buy. Firstly, you will need a highly textured hair that is easy to wrap and that will look fairly realistic. This simply means that in order to get the perfect two strand twist needed for this hairstyle, you will need a hair that is of a kinky texture. With this kind of hair, your style will last for a long time without you ever having to worry about it unraveling.

Secondly, this style requires a very curly and soft textured hair. This is where the need for the Freetress Water Wave braiding hair comes in. And let’s be honest, there are many other brands and textures to choose from but this brand and style is just simply perfect and is the most popular choice among hairstylists.

Braiding Hair needed to do Passion Twists:

Freetress Water Wave braiding hair. This hair is the most ideal hair style and texture to create the distressed effect required to pull of the passion twist effect.

For a long and flowy passion twist the best hair is the Freetress 22” water wave braiding hair and for a shorter look you could use the Freetress 12” water wave braiding hair.   

Afro kinky texture. When selecting this texture, it is always best to ask your stylist. However, if you plan on doing this style on your own then the Afro twist by Freetress is a good option. Notably, this style is relatively similar to the Janet Collection’s Marley Braid.
Feel free to check out our wide collection of Freetress braiding hair on our website.

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