Water wave vs Deep Twist Braiding Hair

Water wave vs Deep Twist Braiding Hair

If you are still unsure as to which style to get, then it is important to know that both deep wave and water wave are equally a great pick. Both hair textures provide a similar look and feel; however, the main difference is that the water wave tends to boost a curlier look.

Also, the good thing about the Freetress deep wave and Freetress water wave is that they come pre-looped. Pre-looping simply means there will be less work for you since the hair is already equally separated; therefore, you can easily take the hair apart one by one without much tangling. This also makes the hair look more natural when installed and can be done by anyone.

Advantages of water wave and deep twist braiding hair:

  • They are both ideal styles for anyone looking for the perfect protective style.
  • Either styles can be worn for weeks or even up to two months.
  • Great for creating a curly ended effect with any traditional style.


Styles that can be achieved with Freetress water wave and deep wave crochet braiding hair include:

  • Goddess locs 
  • Butterfly locs
  • Passion Twist


Similar Freetress styles to the water wave and deep twist is the bohemian curl and GoGo curl, respectively.

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