What are faux locs?

What are faux locs?

Locs, also known as dreadlocks, are formed when strands of hair are entangled then rolled together to form a ‘lock’. Typically, locs are done on your own hair; however, locs can also be done using braiding hair often called faux locs.

This is done by wrapping braiding hair around your hair in order to give a very natural-looking impression of real locs while keeping your natural hair concealed and protected.

Therefore, faux locs are often a great pick for those seeking a protective style for their natural style.

Why are faux locs so popular?

 - Encourages healthy hair growth - The wrapping method used with this style helps to keep your hair very moisturized and away from harsh chemicals and weather conditions.

Therefore, with proper care, your hair will not dry out easily and will be very nourished.

 - Unique styles to choose from - What faux locs provide is a less permanent way for you to try locked styles.

With an array of styles to choose from such as goddess locs, butterfly locs, etc., your options are endless.

 - Low maintenance - With your hair wrapped away, this style is often relatively easy to maintain.

Therefore, by using the right lock gels and oil for your scalp, there will be little to nothing that you will have to do in order to keep your style looking great day after day.

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