Things you need to know before getting your hair twisted

Things you need to know before getting your hair twisted

Getting your hair twisted should be as easy as one, two, three.

Therefore, down below we have prepared a list of the top three most asked questions in regard to getting your hair twisted. 

Question: Do I have to go to the hair salon to get my hair done?

Answer: No. Though the best results are often yielded from getting your hair professionally done, the real truth is that getting your hair twisted is something you could do on your own.

With so many hair blogs on the internet, as well as tutorial videos on YouTube, twisting is now more than ever one of the easiest styles to do. And this remains true even if this is your first time. So just go for it!

Question: How much does a twisted hairstyle cost?

Answer: If you are getting your hair done at a salon, there will be two costs you have to consider. The first is the cost to get your hair done and the second is the cost of the hair itself.

However, if you plan on doing your own hair then the only cost you will have to worry about is how much it is for the braiding hair. On average the cost of your braiding hair will depend on how many packs of hair you will need to do the style, which leads to the next question.

Question: How many packs of hair will I need to get my hair twisted?

Answer: On average, a full head will typically need about 4-6 packs of braiding hair. Again, this will vary from person to person, style to style, as well as from brand to brand.

Therefore, in general the cost of braiding hair usually ranges from twenty to forty dollars in total.

With these questions answered, we hope your decision to get your hair twisted will be much easier.

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