Understanding Hair Grading

Understanding Hair Grading

With the hair industry growing and expanding at such a rapid pace, overtime hair suppliers have drafted their own way of distinguishing the different hair extensions on the market. Though this hair grading system isn’t a universal standard for all suppliers, it serves as a guideline on what customers should expect when they are purchasing hair extensions.

Understanding Hair Grading

You might be thinking that this implies that the grading system specifically measures the quality of the hair, but in reality, that’s not exactly what it’s for. The hair grading system actually refers to the number of strands in a bundle that actually measure up to the full length that it should be.

So, for example, if you were to buy a 7A 22” bundle vs a 9A 22” bundle, instinctively the 9A grade hair would be deemed as the best option. But rather than comparing the two by its quality, with the grading system the hair will be compared by the number of strands that actually measure 22 inches in length. Therefore, right away you would be able to tell that the 9A 22” will be the thicker bundle from root to end, and will most likely have less short hair strands than the 7A 22” bundle.

Our Promise to You

If you are still wondering how does quality factor into the grading system, well we have the answer for you. The misconception in the hair world is that quality is determined by the grade given to the hair extension. When in truth, the only vital factor that helps to determine the quality of hair extensions heavily relies on the supplier of the hair. Therefore, chances are you might have heard of 7A, 9A all the way up to 11A not only from us, but from other hair suppliers. And though it is generally true that the higher the number, the higher the quality of the hair, there is really no real way to determine the exact quality of hair extensions from every company on the market.  

However, unlike other brands on the market today, we provide our customers with honesty and transparency. All our hair is made from specifically handpicked top-quality 100% real human hair, designed and manufactured with you in mind. That is why here at Brooklyn Hair, we work directly with our factories in order to ensure that our customers are provided with the best grades of hair and that the quality of the hair is in alignment with our high standards.

Stay tuned for our next blog, where we will discuss the different grades of hair that we carry. 7A, 9A, 11A – you name it, we have it! See you soon!

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