A Beginner’s Guide to having the best first wig experience

A Beginner’s Guide to having the best first wig experience

A Beginner’s Guide to having the best first wig experience

As a beginner, you may want to play around with customizing your wig for the first time, and that's totally fine. However, it is important to note that extra precaution is going to be needed in order to protect the integrity of the lace. So here are a few tips to keep in mind:

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Bleaching the knots

This technique helps your wig to look as if it is your own hair, and provides the illusion that the individual strands are growing right out of your scalp.However, when doing this technique, it is important that you pay keen attention to the lace of your wig at all times. Over-processing the lace will not only cause your wig to shed, but also become very brittle. This process might end up being very challenging to correct.

Plucking the hairline

If you want the most natural looking hairline, then plucking is a great technique to use to achieve the look. However, if you pluck too excessively then you will end up with a wig that has either a lot of holes or one that has a lot of bald spots. Just like bleaching the knots on your wig, this is also relatively hard to correct.

Cutting the lace

For some, this technique might be an easy one, but if you’re a first-time wig wearer it is important to be very careful when doing this. Not cutting enough lace will leave your wig looking very odd since there will be an excessive amount of lace in the front. On the other hand, cutting too much of the lace off will leave your wig looking disproportionate. Again, this is also something that might not be easily corrected.

When it comes to customization, as a first time wig wearer it is advised that you seek the help of a professional. However, if you think you can accomplish the techniques earlier listed above, then please take extra precaution so as to not ruin your wig. So whether you are selecting a wig for the first time or you've tried it a couple of times before, below we have prepared a few more tips to keep in mind:

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Even though many wigs come in only one size, the truth is that the standard size may not be for everyone. Therefore, we here at Brooklyn Hair have equipped our wigs with both combs as well as an adjustable strap. With the combs located in the front, back and sides of our wigs, you can go outside with the assurance that your wig will stay locked on your head all day.


Even though our wigs are equipped with an adjustable strap, if you ever need any additional security, then an elastic strap could be a great option for you as well. By sewing the elastic strap unto the inside of your wig, this will better ensure that the wig will give you a great fit as well as added comfortability and security. Therefore, if feeling confident in your wig is a top priority then this is key.


Likewise, it is also important to ensure that your natural hair is completely flat underneath your wig. You can achieve this by braiding your hair going straight back or in whatever pattern you choose. The flatter, the better!

With the tips and safety measures listed above, we here at Brooklyn Hair hope that you will enjoy your wig and have the best experience when it comes to rocking your new look. Whether it’s your very first wig or even your tenth, (whatever it might be) our goal is to ensure that all our customers are happy and confident with their wig purchase.

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