Brooklyn Hair - Bundle Hair Grade System 7A, 9A and 11A

Brooklyn Hair Grade System 7A, 9A and 11A

In the hair world, it is popularly said that the higher the number, the higher the quality of the hair. This simply means that a higher grade number will be given to the hair with the highest quality; therefore, regardless of the supplier, hair extensions with the highest grade often have the least amount of imperfections as well as fewer short hair strands in each bundle.

Brooklyn Hair Grade System 7A, 9A and 11A

At Brooklyn Hair, our 7A grade bundles are great for customers looking for 100% human hair on a budget. On the other hand, our 9A bundles might be a little bit more costly, but you will surely get your money's worth since this hair tends to last a little longer. 11A grade hair is the most expensive, but well worth the cost because the quality is truly unbeatable, satisfaction guaranteed.

For a more thorough comparison of our different hair grades please see chart below: 


7A 9A 11A
Bleach & Color Yes. Can be bleached up to color 27. Yes. Can be effortlessly bleached up to color 27 as well. Yes. Perfect hair to bleach to 613.
One Direction Cuticle Yes. Yes (all cuticles intact) Yes (same direction from root to the tip)
Virgin and Unprocessed No. Lightly Processed 100% human hair. Yes. Virgin and unprocessed 100% human hair. Yes. Virgin and unprocessed 100% human hair. (from a single donor)
Thickness Average thickness Has a lot less short strands. Fuller at the ends. Full from top to bottom.
Price Affordably priced (Very budget-friendly) Fairly Priced (Value for your money) Slightly more expensive (Top quality)
Lifetime Up to 5-7 months with proper care Up to 7-9 months or more with proper care Up to 12 months or more with proper care


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We ensure at every stage that our customers get the best that we have to offer, whether they buy our affordable 7A, our natural and unprocessed 9A, or our 11A top-quality bundles.

Brooklyn Hair Grade System 7A, 9A and 11A

With that in mind, please take into account that the hair industry is very diverse and what we might consider our 7A might be another company's 9A. Because as we have mentioned before, the quality of the hair really depends on the supplier, and not on the name or grade given. Here at Brooklyn hair we provide our customers with only top quality handpicked hair flown in directly from our factories. Our aim is to exceed our customers' expectations, as well as to provide them with the best possible hair experience.

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