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Types of Twisted styles

by Brooklyn Hair 12 Oct 2020

Types of Twisted Styles

A well-known fact is that a twisted style is one that has been parted into two sections then folded over each other to create a roped or twisted look.

Therefore, any style that follows this pattern will ultimately be considered a twisted style.

Currently, there are many different twisted styles available to choose from; therefore, down below we have listed a few of the trendiest twisted styles.

Most popular twisted styles:

Marley Twist – This style is a two-strand twist that is a go-to style for many women around the world. Named after the famous Reggae artiste Bob Marley, this twist is an effortlessly style that can be rocked by anyone.

Senegalese Twist – These twists are also created using the-two strand twisted method and is achieved by wrapping braiding hair around the root of your natural hair.

Micro twist – As the name suggests, this kind of twisted style is done in very small (micro) sections.

Other twisted styles available: Havana Twist, Flat twist, Nubian Twist, Kinky Twist, Spring twist, Rope twist, Passion twist, Jumbo twists etc.

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