The different ways to twist your hair

The different ways to twist your hair

There are a lot of twisted styles that can be achieved with braiding hair, but what is also as important is the type of twist that is needed to achieve your desired style.

For example, in order to get a Marley twist or a Senegalese twist, your stylist will have to use the two-strand twist method to achieve this style.

Types of twist methods:

Two-strand twist  –  As the name implies, this method is done as most twists are, using only two strands of hair.

These twists can be either small, jumbo or flat, at the end of the day your final result will ultimately come down to your personal preference.

Many of the current twist styles utilize this method. These styles include: Senegalese twist, Havana twists, Marley twist, etc.

Three-strand twist  – This method is the more technical method, but still very achievable and elegant.

To achieve this look, you will first have to divide your hair into three equal sections, then twist the hair using two then one strand to fold over each other until you get to the end.

Though not as popular as the previously mentioned twisting methods, another method of twisting is the finger twist, also called the one-strand twist.

This twisting method is relatively easy and doesn’t require much effort to complete.  Whatever style you select, just know that your hair will be flawless. 

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