What is the difference between braids and twists?

What is the difference between braids and twists?

Braids and twists are without a doubt the top two most popular styles of braiding.

So, what makes these two styles so loved and which is better?

Well the answer to this question will all come down to personal preference as well as the desired style you have in mind.

Main difference:

To achieve a twist braided style your hair will have to be separated into two sections, then crisscrossed into a spiral-looking braid.

On the other hand, to get a braided look your hair will be separated into three sections then folded into each other to create a square or boxed-shaped plait.

Therefore, the main difference between a braid and a twisted style is the technique/method used to achieve them.

Also, with only two strands to work with, twists often tend to be more lightweight than braided styles. This is because with twists you will not use as much braiding hair to get your desired style done. 

With that aside, a braided style and a twisted style have quite a few things in common as well.

This similarity includes the fact that both styles are great protective style options and can be worn for extended periods of time with minimal maintenance.

Therefore, whatever style you decide to do, the truth remains that either style will be a great pick.

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