Trending Twists styles in 2020

Trending Twists styles in 2020

With the winter upon us, the best time to get your hair braided is right now.

This kind of hairstyle will not only keep you warm throughout the brutally cold months but will also help to protect your hair from these harsh weather conditions.

So, what’s the trend for winter 2020?

Passion Twist – This style often gives off a very boho and chic look which makes it a very sought-after hair style.

Whether done as a short style or a long style, this hairstyle is a great fit for everyone.

This style is an easy and natural style which in turn makes it very low-maintenance.

Therefore, this style is great for people who are looking for a style that they can wake up and go in the morning. Hair used to achieve this style: Freetress water wave bulk hair 22”.

Butterfly Twist – Though this distressed style of twist is heavily worn as locs, it has slowly been trending among those who love to rock twists.

This style is very natural looking and will have everyone’s eyes on you. Hair used for a style like this is Freetress water wave or deep wave.

Spring Twist – As the name suggests, a spring twist style will often leave your hair looking nice and bouncy. This style is often done very short and is therefore very easy to maintain.
Another great thing about these trendy twists styles is that they are great for those who are transitioning from perm to natural.

This is because these styles blend so perfectly with any natural texture hair.

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