The two most quick and effortless styles using hair extensions

Quick and effortless styles

For starters, the two most quick and effortless styles that can be done with the use of extensions is without a doubt a ponytail or bun.

These styles allow you to do your hair yourself, and can surely save you a trip to the salon.

Therefore, if you are looking for a fast and flawless look, then a sleek ponytail or bun would do you just perfectly.

ponytail style

A ponytail is a very flexible hairstyle that can be worn with casual looks to even more glam styles.

bun style

A bun is also a fairly flexible hairstyle, and will have you out of the door in no time. Whether you choose a low ponytail/bun or a high ponytail/bun using hair extensions, the technique will pretty much be the same, the main difference will just be the placement.

With that being said, lets get straight in to the many reasons you should be rocking these effortless styles.
Reasons you should be rocking a ponytail / bun:

  • Saves you time – One of the many reasons many women choose these hair styles is that it saves you the time and hassle of going to a salon or even the time it would normally take for you to get a weave done. With these styles you will be out the door in no time.
  • Relatively so easy - If it is a low ponytail/bun all you will need to do is to gather all your hair towards the back of your head, and if it is a high ponytail/bun then you will gather all your hair up towards the middle of your head and then wrap around the hair extension. Pretty simple!

  • Instant Length and Thickness – You can transform a basic look into a very fabulous one with just the use of a few tracks or bundles. Therefore, with these quick styles you can go from simple to very glam in time using your hair extensions.

There are an infinite number of styles you can do with your bundles, but a ponytail or bun is by the far the quickest and most effortless styles that can you can do all by yourself. Stay tuned for our next blog that will focus on the steps on how to achieve these hairstyles. See you soon!

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