Steps in creating a sleek ponytail or bun

Steps in creating a sleek ponytail or bun

The two most quick and easy styles that can be achieved with the use of your bundles are by far a bun and a ponytail.

With that being said, by just tweaking a few steps, the same technique used for making a ponytail can be used to help you achieve a great looking bun as well.

So, whatever you decide on feel free to follow on with these steps to achieve your desired style.

bun style

Things you will need:

  • Hair Gel
  • Hair scrunchies
  • Bobby pins
  • Comb and Brush
  • Hair extension of your choice
Quick and Easy steps:
  1. Hair Prep – in order to ensure that your ponytail/bun is sleek and laid, you must first detangle your natural hair using a comb or brush. This will prevent your hair from looking uneven and messy when you begin to slick your hair into your desired look.

  2. Pick a style – when creating your look you will have to then decide on what style you want to achieve, whether it is a low ponytail/bun which requires the hair to be pulled back towards the nape of your neck, or a high ponytail/bun which requires the hair to be pulled upwards towards the middle of your head.

  3. Apply gel – begin to slick your natural hair down with a sturdy brush into the desired style using a moderate amount of hair gel. Then by using the hair scrunchies, neatly pull your hair up or down. Next, fold over your hair into a small bun, so that it will be ready for the next step.

  4. Wrapping – with your hair laid in position begin now to wrap your weave around while using the bobby pins to secure the hair in place. In simpler terms, with this step what you will be doing is finding the start of the extension then begin to wrap it (along the weft area) around your hair that is protruding from the top. If it is a bun, you can either make it messy or very neat by wrapping the hair extension around carefully and as close as possible to the base of your hair.

  5. Repeat - Wrap around until you have no more weft left. When you get to the end, ensure that none of your own hair is showing, and make sure to secure the loose end with more bobby pins. Whatever the style maybe, be sure to take a few strands of hair to cover any exposed weft, this will give a more sophisticated look.

  6. Dry – since you would have used a lot of styling gel, be sure to let your hair dry before manipulating it. That way your style will not be ruined.

ponytail style

Now that you are all done, style as desired. A ponytail or bun is a quick and effortless style for everyone, even if you have really short hair these styles are still a great hairstyle choice to rock. So, go ahead, get to styling.

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