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The Hottest Hair Trends for Spring

by Brooklyn Hair 15 Apr 2021

The Hottest Hair Trends for Spring

With spring upon us, and summer literally right around the corner, now is the perfect time for a new and banging hairdo. Scrolling through your Instagram this spring, you might see a few styles that stand out for this year. And since spring is literally only a few days away what better time than now to give you a thorough breakdown of all the recent hair trends taking over this season.

Trends for the spring:

Asymmetrical bobs - A nice bob is perfect for any time of year. However, for this spring season the best way to step out in style is by getting an asymmetrical bob. Whether it is in a natural color or even a bold blonde color. You simply can't go wrong with this look.

Chin length styles - We know what you're thinking, this is just a simple bob. But the answer is no. Chin-length styles are way more than that. They are the best style for spring because they are light and easy for everyday wear. Therefore, whether you get a straight blunt cut or a soft wavy look, you will be gorgeous this spring.

Bangs - This hairstyle needs no introduction. Just like a bob, a bang is great for pretty much any season. Therefore, whether you get a short bang haircut or a long bang haircut, your choice of hairstyle this spring will look very gorgeous.

Another great option for this spring is box braids or butterfly locs. These hairstyles are especially good for those warm days ahead of us. And a great way to make these hairstyle in to reality is by using our kanekalon braiding hair or our Freetress water wave braiding hair, respectively.

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