Spring time looks: Braided edition

Spring time looks: Braided edition

Spring is finally here. And that can only mean one thing - summer is literally right around the corner. So what’s popping in the hair world for the spring. Well, if you don’t plan on getting a sew-in or wig done, the next best thing is to get some braids. 
Here's why braids are good spring time options:

  • Helps your natural hair to grow. By choosing braided styles, you are choosing to keep your natural hair healthy as well. This simply means that, when done properly, braided styles could in turn help your natural hair to flourish. 

  • Reduces hair breakage. Braids help to protect your hair both during the harsh winter days as well during the humid summer days. And what's also great is that it can help to reduce hair breakage during the during the transitional spring days. So there is no need to worry too much whenever you choose a braided style during anytime of the year.

  • Great protective style. If you want to give your hair a break, a good option would be a wig; however, if you are not a fan of wearing wigs then a simple braided style might be the best thing for you. This will help to protect your hair from daily manipulation and harsh chemicals.

  • Allows you to try different hair colors. The most prominent color to try this spring is an ombré color. This could be any color of your choice, a bold hot pink, a pastel purple or even a platinum blonde. 
Another great way to make a splash in spring 2021 is to accessorize! Wooden Beads, gold accessories, bold colored chains. Your options are endless!
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