Hottest braided styles for Spring 2021

Hottest braided styles for Spring 2021

There is no better way to ring in the warmer days than with a banging braided style. This would somewhat be like a pre-summer style. So the question remains now, what braided style is trending this spring? See down below for more details.
Trendy braided spring styles:

Fulani braids - Whether on the runway or simple while scrolling on Instagram, this style is by far one of the trendiest styles this spring. With its unique look (a single or double braid going down the middle and cornrows going down the side of your head), you are bound to stand out this spring. 

Box braids - Here us out, we aren’t just talking about the classic or traditional style of box braids. Instead, we are referring to the many twists and unique ways of spicing up this style. We all know that box braids are like the ideal hairstyle of the summer. Therefore, if you plan on rocking box braids starting in spring, a great way to stand out is by picking something unique. For example, leaving the ends undone, adding gold strings, using ombré blonde colors etc. 

Straight back cornrows - The truth is that this style needs no explanation. Straight back braids are good for anytime of the year, but are even better for spring. This is an easy style and can help you get ready for the hotter days to come. 

See our Freetress braiding hair collection for more details. From there you will be able to select from our many options of pre-stretched braiding hair ideal for all the styles listed above.

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