The best look for you - 13x6 vs 4x4 wig unit

The best look for you - 13x6 vs 4x4 wig unit

Sometimes, let’s be honest the choice isn’t as easy as it may seem. A 13x4 or 13x6 frontal unit poses so many advantages such a natural hairline and versatility while a 4x4 closure unit allows for more flexibility and less upkeep.

And there is really no way to say what is better because they are both a good fit. So, the best way to really know what to pick will often come down to a few important key factors:
The occasion. Sometimes the type of wig you need will greatly be dependent on the occasion. As with many women, something for going to work on a daily basis will surely be a closure wig. The reason for this is that with a 4x4 closure wig, the chances of you simply putting the wig on morning after morning with little to no hassle is highly likely. On the other hand, a frontal wig unit would be the most suited wig for occasions where you would need to do a very elaborate style, such as a half-up or half-down hairstyle.  

Your budget. With more lace space, a 13x6 frontal wig will inevitably be more expensive than a regular 4x4 lace closure unit. However, with this added space you will be able to do more styles. Therefore, you really do pay for what you need. As a bonus with so many tutorials and YouTube videos now available, you can cut down salon fees if you DIY the installation process.

With units such as our stunning 4x4, 13x4, or even 13x6 frontal units available in both straight and loose wave, as well as varying lengths (short medium and long), we are sure that whatever your choice maybe, you will be surely satisfied with your pick. Happy shopping!

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