What are Bob wigs?

what are bob wigs

One of the most distinctive haircuts in the hair world is by far a bob haircut. So, what exactly is a bob? For starters, a bob styled wig is one that is cut in a straight line either slightly above the shoulder or a bit off the shoulder.

Importantly, there are two things that every bob styled wig should have in common:

Length. In order for a hairstyle to be considered a bob, the length of the hair will have to be between 8-14”. Importantly, an 8-10” wig will most likely be considered a short bob wig, while a 12-14” wig will most likely be considered a long bob wig.

Cut. A bob wig will usually be cut in a straight line and will either be shoulder length or a tad bit off the shoulder. Also, the back of a bob wig will always be noticeably shorter than the front section of your wig.

In stock now at Brooklyn hair is our very own Short Bob Wig. This wig is a full lace blunt cut bob wig, and is best suited for anyone looking to stand out. It slightly brushes the shoulder and helps to shape your face.

Another option is our unique shoulder length Long Bob Wig. This wig is ideal for those looking for the same bob style but just a little bit longer. Our long bob wig is also a full lace wig. This is particularly good because that means you will be able to make a ponytail with no hassle.

With that being said, nothing screams sassy and sexy than a bob wig. And with so many variations you will turn heads no matter the style you choose. 

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