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4x4 Closure wigs

by Brooklyn Hair 21 Dec 2020

4x4 Closure Wigs

For all the available options, feel free to search our “Shop by Look” tab on our homepage.

From there, you will have the option to choose between our beautiful 4x4 Brazilian loose body wave as well as our many other styles. You will also notice that the most familiar looking wig units are the 4x4 closure units. Not just because they have a smaller amount of space of lace but simply because they are by far the easiest wigs to wear.

A 13x4 or 13x6 wig unit gives you versatility and freedom to switch up your style with ease; however, a 4x4 gives you more ease in terms of installation, removal, as well as maintenance.

Reasons to get our 4x4 closure wig:

Easy to install and remove. This wig can be easily installed right from the comfort of your home; therefore, this wig can be installed without the need of a hairstylist. What is also great is that this wig is not only easy to install but it is also very easy to remove.

No need for adhesive. Since a 4x4 lace closure piece takes up only a small central area of your wig, there is no need for glue to be applied. With that being said, if you are comfortable with the application of adhesive then go for it. Bear in mind however, that as with any other lace wig unit, just be extremely careful with the removal process.

Little to no maintenance. A 4x4 closure wig requires little to no plucking, bleaching or styling. The good news also is that this size of lace won’t need a lot of upkeep in comparison to a frontal wig unit (13x4 frontal wigs as well as 13x6 frontal wigs), and can last for months with proper care and attention.

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