• Important things to consider before going blonde

    Important things to consider before going blonde
    When deciding to go blonde, it is good to note that this kind of change does not happen overnight and should not be done without proper thought. Likewise, though the bleaching process might look like a breeze for some people, there are a countless number of things that a regular person will not know nor will not consider when trying to figure out hair...
  • The truth about blonde hair

    The truth about blonde hair
    The universal truth about blonde hair is that the bleaching process wears away the color pigments from your hair extensions. This is normal whenever you are coloring any kind of hair whether extensions or your own natural hair.  However, while many people might make it seem like a breeze to wake up and have your hair blonde, the actual truth is quite far from...
  • Blonde Hair

    Blonde Hair
    If you are ever looking for a hair color that will help you to stand out, then blonde hair extensions are the one for you. Blonde hair is the perfect accent color to highlight anything you are wearing. It is also the perfect hair color that will keep all eyes on you no matter the style. Nonetheless, in order to really get a feel...
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