Blonde Hair

Our 9a, 11a platinum blode bundle hairs (613)

If you are ever looking for a hair color that will help you to stand out, then blonde hair extensions are the one for you. Blonde hair is the perfect accent color to highlight anything you are wearing. It is also the perfect hair color that will keep all eyes on you no matter the style.

Nonetheless, in order to really get a feel of what you like when it comes to blonde hair, it is always best to start out with more subtle shades of blonde before diving into the deep end of the spectrum. You could do this by trying light shades such a golden honey blonde or even a bronzish shade, and then from there, you could transition in to an earthy toned blonde then all the way down to a platinum blonde. This way you will truly know which shade of blonde is ideal for both your skin tone as well as your personal taste.

Blonde hair is great for everyone, but let us be honest, what many people often forget before they go blonde is the maintenance. Therefore, whether you bought hair extensions that have already been bleached to platinum blonde or you have colored your black hair extensions, the truth remains that processed hair will need more care than regular colors. This is because bleaching strips the hair of its moisture and ultimately leaves the hair prone to dryness. Therefore, you will have to consider and invest in products that are specifically designed for colored hair.

Apart from that, blonde is always the way to go. So just do it! 

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