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The truth about blonde hair

by Brooklyn Hair 15 Aug 2020

The truth about blonde hair

The universal truth about blonde hair is that the bleaching process wears away the color pigments from your hair extensions. This is normal whenever you are coloring any kind of hair whether extensions or your own natural hair.
However, while many people might make it seem like a breeze to wake up and have your hair blonde, the actual truth is quite far from that for many other people. When going blonde, whether you are starting with already colored hair or black hair, there will be obstacles you will encounter. The good news is that there is a multitude of information out there to help you make the right decisions as well as to help you to correct the wrong ones. Additionally, keep in mind that whenever you are completely bewildered, it is always good to seek professional help.
Another truth that many people might not realize right away about blonde hair is that it requires a lot of maintenance. Let us be honest here, a platinum blonde is like a snow day in the peak of winter while a more subtle color such as a black or brown tone is more like a hot summer afternoon. Therefore, with polar opposite qualities, the maintenance for blonde hair will inevitably be very different from that of natural color hair extensions. This is because the bleaching process for blonde hair causes fast and constant loss of moisture, and will ultimately leave your hair extensions extremely dry and brittle. This harsh change will not only be visible to everyone else but you too will notice the difference in the texture of your hair extensions. This will also leave your hair extensions susceptible to constant breakage and will in turn require you to always give your hair a lot of care.
Nevertheless, with those few things aside, blonde hair is really great. After all, we all know blondes have way more fun!

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