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Important things to consider before going blonde

by Brooklyn Hair 17 Aug 2020

Important things to consider before going blonde

When deciding to go blonde, it is good to note that this kind of change does not happen overnight and should not be done without proper thought. Likewise, though the bleaching process might look like a breeze for some people, there are a countless number of things that a regular person will not know nor will not consider when trying to figure out hair coloring. For this reason, the best advice when considering to go blonde is to seek the help of a skilled hair colorist.
What to consider before going blonde?

Consider the maintenance – what many people often forget is that blonde hair requires special after care. Therefore, in order to prevent the hair from becoming dry and extremely brittle, the hair has to cared for using only products that are designed for colored hair.

Consider preparing yourself for change – transitioning from black to blonde is not always an easy fit to pull off. This is not to discourage anyone, but the truth is you should always ease your way into colors like this.

Consider seeking professional advice when needed - There are a plethora of tutorials on YouTube; however, when it comes to blonde hair, it is always good to seek the advice of a professional colorist. Consequently, when attempting to color, tone or brighten your blonde hair extensions at home, you should refrain from doing this without professional help. Your bundles will thank you!

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