Best Hair Colors for Spring 2021

Best Hair Colors for Spring 2021

Unlike last year, things are very hopeful this spring and so are the hairstyles. Therefore, if you are looking for the perfect color to ditch last winter then you are in the right place. From blonde to soft colors, this spring is the right time to try something new.

Hair colors to try out this spring:

Blondes. Anything blonde right now is what's in. So, whether it's a balayage, ombre or just simple blonde streaks you can never go wrong with shades of blonde this spring. Blondes are not only for those looking for something bold and bright but also for those that want to just look a little different. Take the risk, you might end up loving it!

Pastels. Nothing says spring like a nice soft pastel looking color. Not only are these very subtle, but also very unique. Imagine walking around with long tresses of sky blue or baby pink hair, that's just heavenly.

Light Brown. With so many dark shades to choose from, brown is one of the top picks for a nice hairstyle this spring, especially light brown. Though this could also be a nice autumn color, brown is also a great alternative to inky black colors. Also, a great way to stand out with brown as well is by adding streaks to your hairstyle. 

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